Power of the Press


The following item was found in the Cairo (IL) Evening Citizen on June 23, 1906. The local sportswriter makes a valid point about the importance of press coverage to the game of baseball.


"Reporters have been ordered out of the Paducah grandstand at times and the management wishes to keep them away altogether. It is no wonder that the team is not receiving the proper support. - Mattoon (IL) Journal Gazette

"Yes. Those managers and directors who get it into their noodles that a reporter has no business at the base ball games or right to write what he pleases (he forgets the freedom of the press) about the players or games, he had better wake up. If the directors and managers did but know it, it is the newspapers in every city of the country where baseball is played, that have made baseball what it is today. Let the newspapers stop printing base ball news and watch how quickly the interest will drop away. No person can deny that the press has made baseball what it is today in Cairo, Paducah and every other city in the United States."



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