I'm researching the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League with the goal of writing a book about its colorful history, which spanned thirty seasons from 1903 to 1955. No other book has been written about it.

It's a very exhaustive process to document a baseball league whose early history has so many statistical gaps. No official statistics were published for the 1903, 1904, 1905, 1916, and 1922 seasons; those that are available for the 1923 and 1924 seasons are questionable and very likely incomplete. Not having these statistics available for a particular season makes writing a history of it much harder.

Ray Nemec has completed a new compilation of batting and pitching stats for the 1936 season and I just recently finished a similar effort for the 1935 season. My limited experience with reconstructing lost statistics from newspaper box scores has shown me that it's a time-consuming and somewhat costly process.

While I'm reconstructing statistics, I've also begun writing the narratives for a few Kitty League seasons. And I'm always looking for former players and their families willing to share their stories and memories for this project.

If you are a former player, umpire, club official, or fan of the Kitty League, please contact me. I would be very interesting in talking or corresponding with you. Please contact me via e-mail here.

Please check back as more news and information about the book with be posted soon.




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